Show Tech Oorpoeder 30 g - Diergigant

Show Tech Ear Powder

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Dry ears are important for proper cleaning and also for plucking excess hair. The Show Tech Ear Powder makes both grooming tasks a breeze.  

Powder time 

This fantastic product is specially designed to help target and remove excess, unwanted hair from the ear canal. By drying the hair in the ear, plucking becomes much easier for the groomer and less painful and therefore more pleasant for the dog.   

To give your dog clean ears, it is also important to make and keep them dry. Bacteria like a wet, moist environment. The Show Tech Ear Powder dries the ear canal and thus prevents the growth of bacteria. It relieves itching and prevents irritations not caused by parasites. Unpleasant odors are now a thing of the past. Your four-legged friend will therefore have less chance of ear infections and other ear problems.   

In short, an indispensable product for every dog ​​groomer, breeder and owner!  

It's all in the details  

  • Ideal for plucking (plucking and removing excess hair in and on the ears)  
  • Helps prevent bacterial growth  
  • Dries the ear canal  
  • Eliminates ear odors 
  • Soothes ear irritations and itching

 Contents: 30 grams