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Who are we?

Diergigant has a large and extensive range of high-quality dog ​​food, dog snacks and slaughter products. We also have an extensive range of dog products such as vetbeds, dog baskets, dog cushions, dog toys, grooming items and dog shampoos for the care of your dog. Everything you need as a dog owner or dog breeder can be found in our webshop.

In addition to dog products, Diergigant also has various products for cats such as cat treats, cat toys and scratching posts. Be surprised by our enormous range of dog and cat products at a very affordable price.

As you have come to expect from us, we always have interesting promotions on different products where you can combine the benefits yourself. We have the best quality dog ​​products and cat products at the best price for both private and business customers.

Large range of slaughter products

Diergigant has a wide range of dried meat snacks for dogs made from horse, duck, rabbit, lamb, beef, pork, deer and fish. Consider, for example, a trachea, chewing bones, pig ear, rawhide, rabbit ears and chicken necks.

Always extremely cheap

Not only are the prices extremely cheap, we also always work with a nice volume discount where you can determine the benefit yourself by combining all kinds of dog snacks and slaughter products. All our products are always competitively priced in our webshop.

Simply good quality

In addition to a competitive price, we also find the quality of our products important. Our dog snacks and dog articles are always of a certain quality standard and from well-known brands such as Kong, Show Tech and Chris Christensen.