Runderkophuid 750 gram - Diergigant

Chikko Quality Beef head skin pieces 500 grams

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Chewing is an essential behavior for dogs, which is why we have a wide selection of dog snacks in our webshop, specially designed to meet that chewing need. Beef skin is one of our most popular snacks, a pure natural product that your dog will love to eat.

Chewing these bovine skin pieces not only satisfies the need to chew, but also helps your dog relax by releasing feel-good hormones. It's the perfect solution to help your furry friend deal with stress and other overwhelming situations. Treat your dog to this tasty chew at the end of every day and help him relax and de-stress.

Always give this delicious chew snack under supervision and ensure that sufficient drinking water is available. Store the bovine skin pieces in a dry and cool place for optimal freshness.

Contents: 500 grams

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