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We are animal giant

Diergigant: Your Wholesale Specialist for 25 Years

Diergigant has been known as the leading wholesaler in Zeewolde for a decade and a half. Specializing in dog and cat products, we have built a name for reliability, quality and diversity over these 25 years, both locally and internationally.

Extensive range of dog and cat items

From vetbeds and dog baskets to cat treats and scratching posts - Diergigant's range is both wide and deep. Each product has been carefully selected to meet the high standards our customers have come to expect. Whether you are a dog owner or dog breeder, you will find everything you need in our webshop.

Quality and Affordability Hand in Hand at Diergigant

At Diergigant we understand that quality and price go hand in hand. That is why we not only offer products from top brands such as Kong and Chris Christensen, but we also provide competitive prices and attractive discounts. Every product in our store guarantees value for money.

'Chikko Quality' - Our own brand

Are you looking for the very best for your dog? Then discover Chikko Quality, Diergigant's exclusive brand, where top quality and the well-being of your pet are central. Our Chikko Quality collection offers everything your dog's heart desires: from delicious treats to premium slaughter products, stimulating toys, comfortable cushions, luxurious loungers, sturdy dog ​​leashes to stylish collars and more. At Diergigant we select with great care, so that you and your four-legged friend are guaranteed only the highest quality. Chikko Quality stands for products that are not only tasty and fun, but also meet the strictest quality standards. Spoil your loyal friend with the excellent choices from Chikko Quality, because your dog deserves nothing less than the best. Go for quality and fun for your beloved pet with Chikko Quality.