Konijnenoren 225 gram - Diergigant

Rabbit ears - 225 grams

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These 100% natural dried rabbit ears are a delicious snack for your dog. The rabbit ears are a bit softer compared to other ears and are therefore a bit easier to chew. These ears contribute to clean and healthy teeth. All dogs will enjoy this delicious snack for a long time while chewing.

Dried rabbit ears are hypoallergenic and suitable for any dog. It is a slightly hard chew, it softens as you chew it. Rabbit ears contain no additives and are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for dogs with allergies. It contains no grains or gluten. This product is also suitable for dogs with a sensitive stomach and intestines.

Suitable for both small and large dogs.

Give this product under supervision and always ensure there is sufficient fresh drinking water.

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