Runderpens 400 gram - Diergigant

Pet Snack - Beef giblets 500 grams

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This 100% natural dried beef tripe is an ideal reward or snack for your dog. Beef tripe is full of flavor and is also very healthy for the dog. Its rough structure makes it good for your teeth. The dried tripe sticks help remove plaque and tartar.

The beef tripe has a somewhat soft structure. This makes it suitable for every type of dog. Very suitable as a chewing snack for larger dogs, suitable for longer chewing for smaller dogs. This is ideal for puppies to get used to chewing and can provide a solution when they are changing.

This beef tripe is 100% natural, making it completely free of artificial colors, flavors and fragrances. It contains no grains or gluten. This product is also suitable for dogs with a sensitive stomach and intestines.

Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water for your dog.

Composition: 100% tripe.

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