Show Tech Grippy Fingers M 25 Stuks - Diergigant
Show Tech Grippy Fingers M 25 Stuks - Diergigant
Show Tech Grippy Fingers M 25 Stuks - Diergigant

Show Tech Grippy Fingers M 25 Stuks

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Size Medium


If you want to hand-pluck your dog and prefer to use your fingers instead of a grooming knife or stone, we recommend our Grippy Fingers. These reusable rubber fingerlings have a unique non-slip surface that gives you extra grip when picking.  

A handy picking tool 

Wondering what makes ours better than the other rubber fingerlings on the market? Here's why: 

Reusable: Our fingerlings are made of a thicker rubber. This stronger and thicker material allows the Show Tech Grippy Fingers to be used frequently! 

Thicker yet practical: Although these Grippy Fingers are thicker, you can still feel the hair between your fingers. This is of course very important when picking a dog. You want to be able to feel every individual hair.   

Anti slip: Another important feature of the Grippy Fingers are the small nubs on the front and back. These non-slip surfaces help you grip and hold the hair more firmly. This way you can work faster and in more detail.

Protective for your fingers and skin: They prevent blisters caused by picking and save you from sore skin.  

Gentle for your dog, its coat and skin: Not only your fingers are protected, but also your dog's coat and skin. With the Grippy Fingers all hair is pulled out without damaging the coat. They are ideal for hand plucking show dogs, in situations where every individual hair is important and needs to be plucked completely from root to tip, and for plucking hair from the dog's ears.  

Help restore the coat: Grippy Fingers are also used if the coat of your beloved four-legged friend has previously been shaved or plucked with a sharp trimmer. They help pluck out entire hairs from root to tip, allowing the coat to regenerate. By pulling out a few soft hairs, there is room in the hair follicle for coarse hairs. Your dog's coat will become rough again! 

It's all in the details!

  • Made of rubber  
  • Available in packs of 25  
  • 2 sizes: medium or large. For example, it is also possible that you need a large for your thumb and a medium for your index finger.   
  • Circumference: 1.5 cm  
    Length: 5.2cm*  

* All dimensions are approximate.  

Simply slide your thumb and index finger into a Grippy Finger and create a tweezer shape with your index finger and thumb. Push the fur up with your other hand. By doing this you will clearly see the ends of your hair standing up. Then pull out some hairs, following the hair growth. Don't do this with a fast one but with a slow movement and at the same time do not forget to also hold the skin with the help of your other hand. This way the skin stays in place when you pull the hair out. Take your time and pluck only a few hairs at a time. 

Note: Picking should not be painful for your dog. When the hairs are ready to come out, you are essentially just pulling out dead hairs. They should come out easily.