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Show Tech Groomers Handgel 250ml

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When caring for a dog, not only the visual aspect is important. The health of the dog is important, but certainly also yours. According to health experts, the best way to keep your hands germ-free is soap and water. Do you want to disinfect your hands, but you don't have a sink nearby? Then this hand gel is the best option to keep your hands virus-free!

A small amount of the Show Tech Groomers Hand Gel on your hands is enough to kill 99.99 percent of all germs and thanks to the formula enriched with glycerine, your hands feel nice and soft. This gel is also free of perfumes. Perfect for sensitive skin or when you want to disinfect your hands without spreading perfume.

We are sure that this gel will also become your new favorite for soft and clean hands.

Important note: This gel contains a high ethanol content (71%) and can therefore cause alcohol poisoning if ingested by dogs. It is therefore important to be careful and ensure that the dog does not lick the gel from your hands while they are still wet.

Alcohol, Water, Glycerine, Polyacrylaat Crosspolymer- I I.