Show Tech Herbal Shampoo 300 ml - Diergigant

Show Tech Herbal Shampoo 300 ml

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Want to gently clean your dog's coat and let him smell nice? You can do that with the Show Tech Herbal Shampoo!

With soothing chamomile

This neutral shampoo provides mild cleaning of the coat and helps regulate sebum secretion. It contains chamomile extract, glycerin and other moisturizing ingredients that restore and maintain the moisture balance of the skin and hair. The active substance in chamomile, bisabolol, has a mild anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and soothing effect. Thanks to the moisturizing and protective properties of this shampoo, the coat gets a deep shine. Your hands are also protected against dehydration.

With the Show Tech Herbal Shampoo, your four-legged friend will smell wonderful from now on! Nasty, unwanted odors are removed and the unique, spicy perfume creates a fresh and clean feeling.

It's all in the details

  • Neutral shampoo that cleanses gently, regulates sebum secretion and hydrates
  • Contains chamomile extract, glycerin and other wonder ingredients
  • With a unique, spicy scent
  • Specially recommended to give the coat long-lasting freshness and to get rid of persistent odors
  • For a healthy, shiny coat
  • Concentrated formula without parabens and silicones
  • Dilution ratio: 1/5
  • Suitable for all coat types and coat colors
  • Available in different sizes



Use the Show Tech Herbal Shampoo for a silky smooth finish, to make the coat easier to treat or style, and to shorten drying time.

Dilute the shampoo (5 parts water and 1 part shampoo) in one mengfles. Wet the coat, apply the diluted shampoo and massage thoroughly. Rinse well and repeat (possibly with a different shampoo if necessary) for optimal results.

Avoid contact with eyes.