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Show Tech Ear Cleaning Solution 250 ml

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When caring for your dog, it is important to also think about his or her ears. Ear problems are one of the most common conditions in dogs and frequent ear care is essential to prevent this. Not sure which product is best to use? With the Show Tech Ear Care Solution, cleaning your ears becomes a piece of cake!   

Easy ear cleaning  

This is not only an important product for dog owners, but also a must-have for you as a groomer to use in your grooming salon. With good ear care you provide the best service to your customers.   

With its formula based on essential oils, the Ear Care Solution naturally loosens and dissolves earwax. It helps remove excess earwax and keeps the ears clean. This fantastic cleansing product guarantees clean, healthy ears. In addition, it also reduces odors and the risk of an ear infection. Cleaning the ears is faster and more efficient, making the entire grooming process more enjoyable for both pet and groomer.   

So from now on, say hello to super clean ears and a happy, healthy dog!  

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It's all in the details  

  • Guarantees clean and healthy ears  
  • Reduces odors and the risk of an ear infection  
  • Efficient, fast and safe ear cleaner  
  • Contents: 250 ml


You can use the Ear Care Solution for daily maintenance, but never if the ears are red, sore or appear inflamed. In that case, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian. 

Apply the product to the dog's ear while squeezing the bottle of Ear Care Solution. Do this until the ear canal is full of product. Gently massage at the base of the ear for about 30 seconds and allow the product to dissolve the dirt. Then remove the visible dirt with a tissue.   

Earwax and other debris can stick to the hair in the dog's ear and hinder the circulation of oxygen in the ear. To prevent infections, we recommend plucking the hair from the inside of the ear.