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Show Tech+ Supreme Shampoo 300 ml

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Powerful, high-performance shampoo

When washing, choosing the right shampoo for your dog or cat's coat is the first step. If you choose the right products, you will get the results you want. Thoroughly washing the coat and skin is essential for all pets. 

As a groomer or owner of dogs or cats, you naturally want a shampoo that is ultra-cleansing, yet mild and very economical. Are you looking for a high-quality shampoo that provides an exceptionally clean, shiny and fresh appearance for show dogs, dogs in your grooming salon or for your pet? We have what you're looking for!


Super concentrated and strongly cleansing

The Show Tech+ Supreme Shampoo is a cleansing, multifunctional and very economical shampoo. It is super concentrated (1/20) and ensures that the skin is thoroughly cleaned without drying out the coat. This shampoo removes all traces of sebum, oil, dirt and grease from the skin and coat of your dog or cat. This way the coat is completely ready for the next steps: treatment with another shampoo or a conditioner from our Show Tech+ range.

Thanks to the formula enriched with aloe vera extract, the coat is not only deeply cleaned but also intensely hydrated, nourished and restored. It has a super refreshing scent and enhances the natural colors and texture of the coat.

Even the dirtiest and bad-smelling pets become clean, shiny and fresh again!


It's all in the details

  • Intense cleaning properties: cleans even the dirtiest, greasy and bad-smelling pets
  • Available in 300 ml and 5 l
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Suitable for all dogs and cats, all coat types and colors and safe for puppies, kittens and lactating bitches
  • Very economical thanks to the dilution ratio of 1/20
  • This purifying, detoxifying shampoo only removes excess grease and dirt, never the natural oil from the coat.
  • To keep the coat healthy and in shape, we recommend washing it regularly and using a conditioner that is suitable for your pet's coat type.



First wet the dog's coat. Then dilute the shampoo in warm water (ratio: 1 part shampoo and 20 parts water). We recommend doing this in one Show Tech Mixing & Dispensing Mengfles. Mix the shampoo well with the water until a uniform emulsion is formed. Apply the shampoo to the wet coat using the mixing bottle or a washing tub and the Show Tech Super Foaming Sponge. Thanks to this fantastic sponge you get a nice, thick foam. Massage it firmly into the skin with your fingertips and hands. For optimal results and to allow the active ingredients to take effect, leave the shampoo in the coat for at least 5 minutes. Then rinse. 

Kitty's tip: Use a second, suitable shampoo from our Show Tech+ line to nourish the coat for optimal results. In addition, every long coat needs a conditioner. We also recommend using a suitable conditioner.